Affordable Overseas Medical Experte from within Nigeria:

Majority of medical practitioners on the myDokita platform are overseas based and are passionate about helping to improve the life expectancy in Africa. With myDoika you get quality and affordable overseas health care from within Nigeria via online video and audio consultation.

Second Opinion:

Research has shown that most of the deaths in developing countries are preventable. With myDokita, you can now quickly get a second opinion on your diagnosis and medical prescriptions thereby reducing the risk of mis-diagnosis or taking the wrong the medications.

Free Reliable Medical Tips and Advise:

myDokita platform draws on the wealth of experience of our overseas based practitioners to provides you with free online medical tips, advice and recommendations on common preventable diseases. You can watch and listen to video interviews from our medical practitioners on some life changing medical tips and advise on our platform.

Flexibility and Accessibility:

You don't need to go to hospital / clinic because of minor health problems. myDokita lets patients call from the comfort of your home to quickly consult with a medical practitioners around the globe anytime of the day. Our platform allows you the flexibility to choose your prefered method of consulation from either online video, voice or chat.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

Every consultation on myDokita platform is completely private and confidential.

Specialists Around Me:

Using geolocation, myDokita platform allows you to search for medical specialists around you. You can now see the list of cancer, stroke diabetes etc specialists that are around you!

Mentoring and Collaboration:

While majority of our practitioners are overseas based, myDokita platform also allows for mentoring, knowledge transfer and collaboration for our in-country based practitioners with their overseas counterparts.


Once you open the myDokita application, you would see a listing of all available medical practitioners. You can select your preferred practitioners by reviewing their profiles.


Tap on “Book Appointment” button once you have chosen your desired medical practitioner for appointment.


Then, you would need to select your preferred method of consultation service from the following:
1. Voice Consultation
2. Video Consultation
3. Text Consultation


You would then need to pick date and time slot that is convinient for you based on the availability of your selected medical practitioner.


The final step is tap on “Confirm” to confirm the appointment. You will get reminders 5 minutes before the start of your appointment.

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